Astus adapts and rises to challenges!

Astus adapts and rises to challenges!

The business relationship between Astus and Communauto began more than twenty years ago. In its early days, Communauto had only a few dozen cars and its fleet management needs were quite simple. At the time, they chose Astus for several reasons, including the flexibility and reliability of the solutions offered.


In recent years, Communauto has grown rapidly and now manages a fleet of over 3,000 vehicles and operates in 16 cities, 4 Canadian provinces and on two continents.


During this period of growth, Communauto’s requirements for its technology partner Astus became much more demanding. The ability to adapt its solution to Communauto’s evolving needs became essential to ensure the success of this growth.


Several cutting-edge developments have made it possible to simplify and improve the user experience of the carsharing services offered by Communauto. 


Here are a few examples: 

  • Decrease in the electrical energy consumption of the telemetry module
  • Transmission of GPS tracking measurement in an urban or rural environment
  • Reading data from the vehicle’s on-board computer
  • Introduction of RFID card readers to identify users
  • Reading transit passes (e.g. OPUS card in Quebec City and Montreal)
  • Evolution for self-service operation without reservation and with reservation in station with the same equipment
  • Remote unlocking of doors
  • Sending and receiving SMS messages for communication between the user, the vehicle, and the software
  • Introduction of sound alarms
  • Monitoring the car’s battery voltage
  • Managing booking time slots
  • Introduction of a holder to make it easier to manage keys and gas cards
  • Broadcasting of pre-recorded multilingual audio messages


In addition, Communauto’s great popularity has also created many operational challenges.  Once again, Astus has leveraged its expertise to good use by creating alerts that have detected potentially problematic behaviors of certain users.


The emerging carsharing market is constantly evolving and is bringing about several changes. We are seeing this transformation through the evolution of the market towards self-service cars without reservations, and the enthusiasm for hybrid and electric cars.


In these new operating contexts, Astus, with its engineering and software innovation skills, confirms its status as a strategic partner allowing Communauto to offer flexibility in the choice in both vehicle selection and reservation mode.


After several acquisitions in Europe and North America, Communauto is, now more than ever, positioned to compare the different telemetry systems on the market. This ability to compare allows Communauto to conclude that Astus is still the best solution offered on the carsharing market!

Communauto is now a profitable, growing operator, and the envy of its peers.

Thank you to Astus for being part of this success, allowing Communauto to extend its worldwide influence!